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Raven of the Inner Palace (後宮の烏, Koukyuu no Karasu?) is a novel series written by Kouko Shirakawa and illustrated by Ayuko. Shueisha began publishing the fantasy shoujo novel series under its Orange Bunko imprint in April 2018, and it ended with its seventh volume in 2022. It is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in English.[1]


Deep within the inner palace lives a special consort who does not serve the emperor despite her position, known as the Raven Consort. People who have seen her say she looks like an old woman, while others say she looks like a young girl. Stories talk of her use of mysterious arts and how she can take on any request, be it death curses to finding lost things. Koushun, the current emperor, goes to visit the Raven Consort with that intention, without knowing that their fated meeting will become a taboo that will overturn history.[2]


Volume List[]

Cover Volume Release Date ISBN
Volume 1 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 1 April 20, 2018 ISBN 978-4-086801-88-1
Volume 2 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 2 December 18, 2018 ISBN 978-4-086802-25-3
Volume 3 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 3 August 21, 2019 ISBN 978-4-086802-67-3
Volume 4 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 4 April 17, 2020 ISBN 978-4-086803-14-4
Volume 5 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 5 December 18, 2020 ISBN 978-4-086803-53-3
Volume 6 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 6 August 20, 2021 ISBN 978-4-086804-00-4
Volume 7 cover Koukyuu no Karasu 7 April 21, 2022 ISBN 978-4086804417


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Kouko Shirakawa's earlier series, Akehime no Omeshibito, was the "starting point" for Koukyuu no Karasu.[3] It takes place in Ake, a nation in the world of Koukyuu no Karasu. It shares many similarities with the latter work, such as a protagonist who hides her blood relationship to a previous ruler, the protagonist acting as a priestess to a god, and the inner palace setting.


As of April 2022, it has a cumulative 1 million copies of its volumes in print.[4]


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